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We offer a full range of interior and exterior painting services at competitive rates for buildings of all types and sizes. A fresh coat of paint does wonders for the look of any residental or commercial facility, whether it’s a private house, retail store, restaurant, or office. We have a team of experienced painters that knows how to do the job right.

Our painting services:

  • Surface preparation for painting
  • Interior Painting
From painting single room to entire facility, our customers are assured of sleek surfaces, highest quality color and long-lasting results.
  • Exterior Painting
For exterior surfaces, they will need to be cleaned/ washed before any painting begins. This removes dirt and mildew from the surfaces. If there are any gaps in the area, we will apply caulk to them. We can also apply primer if necessary. A perfectly applied coat of paint with correct thickness is something we have mastered to protect facility exteriors against potential blistering and peeling.

Our plastering services:

  • Repairs
If there are problems with any existing walls, we can perform plastering repairs. Whether it is water damage, a cracked wall, or even a hole due to electrical work, our plastering services can meet all of our customers needs.

  • Rendering
Rendering refers to protecting outer walls by covering them with a material such as sand and cement, or a more synthetic option. This saves facility from deterioration due to the harsh weather. When job done properly, building becomes so much stronger and more durable.

  • Skimming
To get walls completely smooth, we use a process called skimming. This gets rid of any imperfections that may have occurred over years of uneven paint jobs, or just faults in the original wall. Skimming creates a perfect blank canvas to work over, so that walls look perfect.
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